Garage Door Opener


If you go to the store to buy garage door opener you would come across multiple options! Some might be too good in quality but may be beyond your range or vice versa! So it is wise to have some knowledge about the prime factors defining the garage door opener. Here are few things which you must know before you buy an opener. Take a look!

DETERMINE THE POWER REQUIRED BY GARAGE DOOR: if your garage door attracts high horsepower then you may require an opener of same power to match! It will depend upon the number of doors you want to open with the opener. Some of the garage doors have two doors and if you want to lift both of them then you require opener of at least ½ horsepower.  Besides this if your garage door is quite large in size and heavy too then the power needs to be increased proportionately. The openers with high power last for long as compared to the ones with less horsepower.

DETERMINE THE TYPE OF DRIVE: garage door openers can have three types of drive but all vary depending upon the quality and price. Belt and chain drive are somewhat similar in the functionality. The difference between these two is that chain drive is noisier than belt drive as the latter makes use of rubber belts which soaks the noise. This is the reason that belt drives are priced costlier than chain drive. The third type of drive is screw drive which works on a threaded rod and is quite sleek and maintainable. These are easy to install and maintain and are priced in range between belt and chain drives. So while the belt drives are the quietest, chain drives is the cheapest!

SPEED OF THE OPENER: How much fast you want the door to open? This depends upon the speed of the opener. The average opener is said to open 8 inches of the door in a second but it may vary if the power of your opener is slow or the weight of the door is quite heavy. Some models offer a very high speed while some are slower. So depending upon your budget you can choose the opener.

SAFETY OF OPENER: The garage door openers are quite convenient to use but they pose some threats if not used attentively. So before you are buying the opener make sure that you check the safety features installed in it. For instance some of the openers have sensors which prevent the door from closing automatically if it sensesomething in the way. These activate as soon as it sense that there is a child or a toy or a bike is getting in the way. These safety features are to be looked before you make a purchase.

After you have gone through all the above things then you can shortlist few openers and then choose among them the one which matches your requirements and budget. Compare the warranties offered and make final purchase! Call Snoqualmie Garage Door Repair For Installation